Physical Promotion Packet 2 $160.00

Our Physical Packet 2 is $160.00 for Self Pay patients and includes the following:

-Office Visit included

-Blood work includes CBC, CMP, LIPIDS, HEMOGLOBIN A1C, TSH (tests for any blood disorders, liver, kidneys, glucose, calcium, potassium, anemia, diabetes, thyroid, total cholesterol, triglycerides and more)

-Electrocardiogram to diagnose any irregularities within your heart.

-Urinalysis to diagnose any problems such as urinary tract infections, kidney and bladder problems, etc.

-Glucose stick to test your sugar levels in the blood at that moment

-X-ray of lungs and heart or x-ray of your choice

-Vision test

Nuestro Examen Fisico Paquete 2 de $160.00 incluye lo siguiente:

- Consulta Medica incluida

-Examenes de Sangre Biometrico (examinan desordenes de sangre, higado, riñones glucosa, calcio, potasio, anemia, diabetes, tiroides, colesterol, trigliceridos y mas)

-Electrocardiograma para diagnosticar irregularidades en el corazon

-Examen de orina para diagnosticar infecciones urinarias, problemas en los riñones y vejiga, etc

-Examen de Glucosa para saber los niveles de azucar en la sangre al momento

-Radiografia de los pulmones y corazon o radiografia de su eleccion

-Examen de Vista